Castaldo for Congress

I ran for our Congressional District 2 seat in the United States’ House of Representatives in 2018 for three reasons.

First, I wanted there to be a third and viable option to the corrupt duopoly (Republicans v. Democrats). The Libertarian Party is that option. We are positioned as the third largest and well-funded political party in the USA. We have achieved ballot access in Oklahoma that we will work to maintain. We will continue running Libertarian candidates that believe in the principles of individual liberty and localized, limited government.

Secondly, as a lifelong resident of our district I have experienced the ineffective leadership and lack of integrity shown from our current Congressman, Markwayne Mullin. When I saw there was no one running who represented my principles I decided to run.

Third, I chose to use the platform granted by the election to preach liberty, peace, and the non-aggression principle to the people in our  communities who may have never been exposed to authentic Libertarianism.

My team and I were extraordinarily proud of our achievements and whether I run again or not, we have plans to continue building on those achievements and turning Oklahoma into a gold state.

– Richard